Domingo Santo Liotta (29 November 1924–) is a pioneer of heart surgery, creator of multiple cardiac prostheses including the first total artificial heart used in a human being.
“Domingo Liotta is the inventor of the first artificial mechanical hearts implanted into human patients - both left ventricular assist systems, LVASs and total heart replacements. His dedication to develop these devices is described in his recently published autobiography.

“For the past four decades, his moral tenacity and perseverance have been remarkable. He has cared for and assisted extremely ill cardiac patients. To face this heavy burden plus his overloaded research he has always encouraged himself under the old maxim, Heaven kindly gave our blood a moral flow.”

“As an Ambassador for Argentina he opened scientific and cultural relations with China and Israel and personally trained Chinese physicians for 23 years (1973-1996).”

“The Liotta-Cooley artificial heart was selected to be displayed prominently in the new Smithsonian Treasures of American History establishing it as a worthy contribution to human history.”

“His contributions to social welfare and medical care cannot be exaggerated; they are a testament to the moral values of man.”

A Brief History
Domingo Liotta´s International Foundation is a non-profit organization, dedicated to cardiovascular research.
It was founded in the City of Buenos Aires on March 27th 1987, under the protocol approved by the 341 Resolution of the General Bureau of Justice. hair extensions uk
A Practical Textbook of Congenital and Acquired Diseases of the Aorta”
(July 2003) is an advanced clinical text-book on the principles and techniques of aortic pathology
The Artificial Heart: The Frontier of Human Life. Domingo Liotta, MD


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University of Morón - Buenos Aires - Argentina

July 2014